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> Pong.  Only.  Game console only played pong.  I predate personal computers.
Have you been living under a rock since they were invented?   Even an old
Roku had Angry Birds space... which at advanced levels involved using
orbital mechanics to smash the pigs. :)

> Ja and even then, the analogy is kinda misleading in some ways.  Once we
> visualize 4D spacetime as our existing on the 3D surface volume of 4D
> hypersphere, the obvious question is: OK then, where does the time
> dimension go?
The time dimension doesn't "go" anywhere. It overstrains the analogy.
Strained analogies aren't any fun.  If it isn't fun then it isn't play.  :)

> We think we can see the past, and some claim to see the future, but really
> we don’t.  We can’t see the time axis any more than the Flatlanders could
> see above and below.  They could only imagine it.
I assumed you were going to some nonlocal computability of consciousness or
that human awareness of "time" is a collective hallucination.

> >…Do they have to be Greek letters though?
>  Only if you want to look like a hipster mathematician.  Otherwise they
> see those ABC letters and know you are an engineer and give you that
> pitying look as if to say: Primitive savage!  You design three dimensional
> objects?  Sorry these matters are simply beyond your understanding.  Come
> back when or if you master multivariable calculus…
Nah, I'm a computer nerd.  Standing on the shoulders of giants,  we now
have computers to do multivariable calculus. I imagine we'll have computers
doing math that hasn't even been invented yet. Not sure if quantum
computing is modelling physical systems or if physical systems are
manifesting computations.

>  That sorta thing.  Pisses ya off.  Because in this case they are right.
> They remind you of Sheldon from Big Bang.
Never could take that show

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