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Pong.  Only.  Game console only played pong.  I predate personal computers.

>…Have you been living under a rock since they were invented?   Even an old Roku had Angry Birds space...


Eh, computer gaming probably woulda been a bigger part of my life had it come along about 10 years sooner.  Turns out my favorite game on the computer has been playing chess against other humans online.



>>… That sorta thing.  Pisses ya off.  Because in this case they are right.  They remind you of Sheldon from Big Bang. 



>…Never could take that show…


I only saw a few of them, on planes going back and forth across the country.  As Hollywood goes, it does a better than average take on a socially maladjusted math genius.  We hafta face the fact that social maladjustment is very common among the very advanced in science and math.  The reason for this has not been fully explained, but perhaps Billw has some plausible theories.  My favorite is that some known causes of social maladjustment such as Aspergers is often associated with greater focus.  Or it could be that people with greater focus tend to become socially maladjusted because they go into a deep think while the others party and dance.  Then of course one like that tends to attract others like that, because we understand.



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