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Credit card revoked?  Why?  I have no idea what would cause Chase, for ex.,
to revoke a card unless payments were not being  made.  Would they revoke a
card on which minimum payments were being made?  Of course there must be
upper limits to the amounts owed.  And they don't want to push people into
bankruptcy.  Complex decisions, these.   I once had a pocketful of credit
cards and was told by a banker that it was a good thing, because I wasn't
running a balance on any of them.  bill w

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> On 2021-8-27 06:44, William Flynn Wallace via extropy-chat wrote:
> > Given a very long life the average person can say "Wow, I have nearly
> > an infinite amount of time to pay off my debts, so let's max out the
> > cards."
> And after the cards are revoked, you have a long time to learn to live
> without them.
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