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.Perhaps those of us who don’t have these challenges need to spend a few introspective minutes regularly pondering how we might help those less fortunate in these matter.   spike


>…The best thing nonprofessionals can do about mental health questions is to refrain from dumping a lot of unrequested advice on them…

bill w


Ja to that.  In my particular case there was never any risk of it, for I would no sooner offer that kind of advice than I would to the ExI crowd on how to do computer operating systems.  Those are two areas where I already know I suck.  I can’t even offer to pray for sufferers, for if there is a god, he is really pissed at me for not believing he exists.  I am to where all I can do is offer my sincerest best wishes and hope for the future, which is what I am doing right now.



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