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Spike wrote:
"Well said Stuart.  I notice that we don't have masses of Americans climbing
over the wall and crossing Mexico in a desperate struggle to get to El
Salvador.  If American would travel to those places were people are coming
from, see for themselves, they would stop dumping on America and be
justifiably proud of the place."

The Philippines in some ways is a wonderful place with an amazing amount of
natural beauty. A friendly people who speak English, have a Judeo-Christian
background which creates a common bond for me, and who have a very strong
sense of family, which I deeply respect. And I realize they have suffered a
great deal over the centuries, due to the Spanish, the Americans, and the
Japanese. But they are ultimately a very troubled society, and everyday the
reasons for that are debated online and in their newspapers. One example is
the horrific level of governmental fees extracted from the populace. I have
already paid six grand for the down payment on a house, but transferring
the title is an additional five thousand and five hundred dollars! Lol This
of course is because various governmental agencies are all demanding a fee.
At this point due to the other expenses I have had, I just don't have the
money, and will probably end up losing the house, despite the fact that we
have already moved in. And yes, we were approved for a loan, but they do
not cover title transfer costs. Local bureaucracy and greed will have
defeated me! Ugh...


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>> ... If expressing pride in ones country is arrogance, then
>> disparaging ones country is just plain rude.
> If you have pride in your country you should want it to be even better.
> You should have zero tolerance for the things it does that are bad.
> Criticism isn't necessarily disparaging.
> The truest indicator of
>> the quality of the USA is one is freely allowed to express distaste
>> for it without being shot or sent to a prison camp to be re-educated.
> There are lots of countries where you can safely criticize the government.
> -Dave
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