[ExI] Florida Building collapse

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Mon Aug 30 19:18:34 UTC 2021

Initial results from the investigation into the collapse of Champlain Towers
South in Surfside, Florida on June 24, 2021.

Collapsed Surfside Towers Actually Broke Building Code From the Very Beginning
  By Alissa Walker   Aug. 9, 2021

“Flawed from day one” reads the report, which highlights problems in
the original plans that forced the builders to make decisions on the
fly that would have compromised the structure.
Drawn up by a firm — Breiterman, Jurado and Associates — that no
longer exists, the plans specified structural columns that were too
narrow to accommodate enough rebar, meaning that contractors had to
choose between cramming extra steel into a too-small column — which
can create air pockets that accelerate corrosion — or inadequately
attaching floor slabs to their supports.

Building codes have become much more stringent in the past four
decades, the report notes, requiring stronger steel reinforcement and
concrete less susceptible to salt-water intrusion, meaning newer
buildings are unlikely to have these issues. But the collapse may
trigger a wave of reform in the way buildings from the same era are
inspected and repaired.

The official report should appear soon.


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