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Sorry Anton, all discussions involving Usians these days end up
inpolitical, as in arguing difficult to differentiate from politics but
actually having nothing in common with the real thing at all.
US politics these days seem to have not left/right axises but rather Foo
and Bar. Also those Foo/Bar axes are not orthogonal, they are depressingly
Until you get a grip on your own politics, you are all quite difficult.


Den mån 30 aug. 2021 20:19Anton Sherwood via extropy-chat <
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> Someone remind me, which is the "no politics" list?
> On 2021-8-30 08:25, William Flynn Wallace via extropy-chat wrote:
> > In a passing remark you said that there wasn't much difference
> > between the right and the left.  Rather than list all the things this
> > liberal thinks are different and vastly different, I'd just ask you why
> > you said that.  (George Wallace re political parties:  "There's not a
> > dime's worth of difference." )   billw
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