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> Since we are way down the list of free places, I wonder just what the data
> show about people trying to emigrate to the free countries.  Are we way up
> the list of popular places because we have so many welfare programs? (we
> are 1st as Google just told me) And citizenship for those born here (sneak
> across the border, have a baby, get permanent rights for your kid).  Plenty
> of places are freer than we are, so I think it's the money they can get
> here.  FYI, the top five destinations:
> USA, Germany, Saudi Arabia, Russia, UK

That's a great question, Bill. I'm sure there are a lot of factors that go
into deciding where to emigrate. Probably need to look at the reasons
people are emigrating in the first place. People looking for jobs are
probably rushing to the US now because of our worker shortage.

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