[ExI] Five Autonomous Weapons that are already here

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> Those questions have already been decided, unfortunately. As an IT professional, the thought of autonomous weapons terrifies me, at least at the current state of software engineering, AI, ethics, politics, etc.
> -Dave
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Apparently over 30 countries want to ban autonomous weapons, but the
U.S.,  Russia, China, and India are against an outright ban. Mainly
because they don't believe every country would adhere to the ban.


>From a U.S. government report -
The authors go on to suggest autonomous weapons systems may represent
an inevitability, given the increasing number of complex decisions
operators will be forced to make in future battles.

“The best human operator cannot defend against multiple machines
making thousands of maneuvers per second potentially moving at
hypersonic speeds and orchestrated by AI across domains,” the report
reads.” “Humans cannot be everywhere at once, but software can.”


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