[ExI] Five Autonomous Weapons that are already here

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> Apparently over 30 countries want to ban autonomous weapons, but the
> U.S.,  Russia, China, and India are against an outright ban. Mainly
> because they don't believe every country would adhere to the ban.
> <
> https://gizmodo.com/u-s-opposes-autonomous-weapons-ban-cites-what-about-c-1848158811
> >
> Quotes:
> From a U.S. government report -
> The authors go on to suggest autonomous weapons systems may represent
> an inevitability, given the increasing number of complex decisions
> operators will be forced to make in future battles.
> “The best human operator cannot defend against multiple machines
> making thousands of maneuvers per second potentially moving at
> hypersonic speeds and orchestrated by AI across domains,” the report
> reads.” “Humans cannot be everywhere at once, but software can.”

This also points to potential near-term technologies that may blur the line
as to what counts as "autonomous".  If a human operator designates a group
of hypersonic missiles to be shot down but leaves the last-second
maneuvering to do so to AIs, is that autonomous?
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