[ExI] Five Autonomous Weapons that are already here

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>>…Apparently over 30 countries want to ban autonomous weapons, but the
U.S.,  Russia, China, and India are against an outright ban. Mainly
because they don't believe every country would adhere to the ban.


>…This also points to potential near-term technologies that may blur the line as to what counts as "autonomous".  If a human operator designates a group of hypersonic missiles to be shot down but leaves the last-second maneuvering to do so to AIs, is that autonomous?  Adrian 




Ja Adrian, its worse than that in a way, for it also blurs the line as to what counts as a weapon.  We think of weapons as devices that hurl bits of metal, but they need not be that.  Our trade structure, our communications, our entire society is completely dependent on reliable fast internet.  If an AI weapon of some sort did something as subtle as messing up credit card charges and delivery addresses, a modern society could find itself in a world of hurt and not even know what the heck to do next.  We can’t go back to paper transactions: we don’t know how.  Furthermore there isn’t enough paper money in circulation to cover even a fraction of our modern transaction load.


We needn’t even worry about an electromagnetic pulse taking down the whole thing.  Well that too, but a kind of more subtle AI weapon could screw up everything bigtime, and it wouldn’t even be clear who to nuke in retaliation.







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