[ExI] Article reviewing progress in sexbots

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Sun Dec 5 11:47:46 UTC 2021

What’s so wrong about sexbots?
The most sophisticated consumer sex device on the market can teach us
how to coexist with AI.
By Alex Pearlman    December 4, 2021


RealDollX, a line of interactive sexbots made by Las Vegas-based Abyss
Creations, are enhanced with a program that is, by many accounts, the
most sophisticated consumer sex device on the market.

The robots are the crème de la crème of an industry that’s still in
its infancy, but is growing rapidly. Estimates suggest sex tech is a
$30 billion industry, boosted in part by the pandemic, but also by
leaps in realism and functionality.
Ultimately, McMullen agrees that the dolls’ most valuable function
isn’t even sex.

While they do have some centralized programming, the dolls’
personalities feel unique; they become accustomed to the habits and
lives of their owner-partners and build relationships with them,
opening the door for applications well beyond the realm of sex toys.

“The conversations feel personalized because the AI remembers that you
are 32 years old, and you like sushi, except on Thursdays,” says
McMullen, about the dolls’ ability to create deeper relationships with

 “Robots are going to be among us, whether we like it or not,”
McMullin says. “Looking at what we’ve created, you can envision where
we’re headed. Maybe it can play chess with you and sit on the couch
and chill and watch a movie with you… Whoa, all of a sudden she can
help you fold laundry.”

Still very early days though. No mobility. Basically a talking
lifelike doll with a small amount of AI. RealDollX sales are only one
to four per month, individually created, costing about 10,000 USD.
When Tesla sets up a production line for much improved versions at
reduced prices .......... we'll really see an upheaval in society!


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