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What’s so wrong about sexbots?
The most sophisticated consumer sex device on the market can teach us how to coexist with AI.
By Alex Pearlman    December 4, 2021


>...RealDollX, a line of interactive sexbots made by Las Vegas-based Abyss Creations, are enhanced with a program that is, by many accounts, the most sophisticated consumer sex device on the market... “Robots are going to be among us, whether we like it or not,”
McMullin says. “Looking at what we’ve created, you can envision where we’re headed. Maybe it can play chess with you and sit on the couch and chill and watch a movie with you… Whoa, all of a sudden she can help you fold laundry.”
>...Still very early days though. No mobility. Basically a talking lifelike doll with a small amount of AI. RealDollX sales are only one to four per month, individually created, costing about 10,000 USD.
When Tesla sets up a production line for much improved versions at reduced prices .......... we'll really see an upheaval in society!...BillK


$10k sounds way lower than I would expect for a mechanical device with electronics.

Since Walmart started providing those electric carts for those who are too hopeless to walk I noticed how common they became.  It isn't even the paraplegics, who already had wheelchairs, but rather those who just decided to hell with it, I am going to eat my way off this planet.  Now you see those electric cart drivers every time you go to Walmart.  Enabling that caused more of it, ja?

OK imagine we get good enough at companion bots that we enable those who are already pretty close to being just socially dysfunctional to go on without a human companion.  That will be the social equivalent of Walmart providing electric carts for those who could previously walk down the aisles (after a clumsy fashion) which would surely result in some already struggling for social normalcy just giving up and taking the easy road.

Well, OK then.

Let us take that one step further please.  Over time we see fewer young people who take much interest in athletic fitness.  We have standards for comparison with the scouts: we can easily see standards set 60 years ago are not being commonly met today.  It might be possible to draw a parallel to social fitness, and how the availability of sexbots and companion bots could reduce the overall fitness of the group.


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