[ExI] Article reviewing progress in sexbots

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> $10k sounds way lower than I would expect for a mechanical device with electronics.
> Let us take that one step further please.  Over time we see fewer young people who take much interest in athletic fitness.  We have standards for comparison with the scouts: we can easily see standards set 60 years ago are not being commonly met today.  It might be possible to draw a parallel to social fitness, and how the availability of sexbots and companion bots could reduce the overall fitness of the group.
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Perhaps under $10k was just wishful thinking on my part.  :)
But there would be a range of prices and features.
Just like electric cars. Expensive Teslas down to cheaper Chinese and
Asian models, then further down to electric tuk-tuk cars, and right
down to electric cargo bikes at give-away prices. Horses for courses.

As the toy robots have shown, very little AI is required in order for
people to treat them as intelligent. People talk to their Roombas.
Some have said that 'pretend human' level AI is objectionable. The
'uncanny valley' effect really turns people off. And one thing you
definitely want with a sexbot is to be comfortable with it.


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