[ExI] Luciferian Murder?

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I have no desire to engage in your Web site (do not bother trying to
convince me otherwise: you are unable to address my reasons for not wanting
to do so, as you have demonstrated that you will not understand them even
if I explain them again), but I can point out a flaw in your reasoning: you
assume intent.

Most - basically all - behavior that delays resurrection capability is done
out of ignorance: the person is unaware of the concept of resurrection, at
least in any non-supernatural, potentially-non-fictional form.

Most - basically all - of said behavior that is not done out of ignorance,
is done out of disbelief: the person is aware that some people believe it
is theoretically possible but personally believes those people are
mistaken, that it is not theoretically possible and thus that there are no
moral consequences for delaying what can never happen anyway.

There is either extremely little, quite possibly literally no, behavior
that delays resurrection that is performed with the intent of delaying
resurrection.  "Manslaughter" would be a more accurate term than "murder".

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> Fellow transhumanists,
> We’re seek to build and track consensus around a definition of evil in a
> camp we’re newly calling “Liciferian Murder
> <https://canonizer.com/topic/114-Evil/3-Luciferian-Murder>”.  If anyone
> agrees that this as a good example of evil, we would love your support.
> And if not, we’d love to hear why, possibly in a competing camp.
> Already getting the typical blow back of polarizing bleating and tweeting
> from some fundamentalists, but as usual, nobody yet willing to canonize a
> competing POV which would enable movement towards moral consensus.
> Brent
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