[ExI] Luciferian Murder?

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> Fellow transhumanists,
> We’re seek to build and track consensus around a definition of evil in a camp we’re newly calling “Liciferian Murder”.  If anyone agrees that this as a good example of evil, we would love your support.  And if not, we’d love to hear why, possibly in a competing camp.
> Brent
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'Murder' is the correct term to use in English. The original
commandment 'Thou shalt not kill' in Hebrew referred to unlawful
killing. You may have noticed that the Israelites in the Old Testament
did a lot of killing of other tribes, often following God's
instructions. And God authorises capital punishment for murder. So if
God no longer believes in death, he/she must have changed their mind
since the Old Testament.
Steve Jobs said - "Death is very likely the single best invention of
Life". Evolution would have been unable to do its work if the earlier
models had not died and been replaced. Humans would not now exist
without the billions of deaths preceding us.
If you now wish to stop death, you must also stop reproduction. Unless
you can think of another way to enable the evolution and expansion of
our species.


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