[ExI] The Future Is Going to Be Extremely Lonely

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On 13/12/2021 17:42, Spike wrote:



Is there anyone here who viewed this without learning something new?

>.<Raises hand dejectedly>

>.I watched more of it than I should have, and it might as well have been in
chinese, for all the sense it made.

>.Ben (total maths dunce)




Owwww, my apologies Ben, not everyone is into math.

I am interested in the medium itself as much as this mind-blowing topic.  It
is a superior means of communicating knowledge, which is really an important
thing, because it changes the way we have been doing things since forever.
For instance, once a year, math geeks meet in some central venue, such as
the convention center at Monterey and share this kinda thing.  But now there
really is no good justification for the trip.  These kinds of videos teach
us more, faster and better.


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