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Agree.  They did a great job of casting in Lord of the Rings.  Trivia
question:   Do you know of another movie in which the title character is
never seen?  bill w

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> On 13/12/2021 20:13, billw wrote:
> Book of course lack the visual aspects - Hermes
> Au contraire - I love the visuals in my head far better than the ones on
> the screen.  The actors never seem to look like what I imagine.
> This (for me, at least) hits the nail on the head. When you read a book
> (if you are a visual thinker, anyway), you create your own visuals, imagine
> how the characters look and move, etc., and set the overall visual tone.
> When you then see the film of the book, it's inevitably different, and
> suffers in comparison.
> Purely by chance, the characters in Peter Jackson's Lord of the Rings
> films are very close to my imagined versions from reading the books
> (especially Gandalf and some of the elves, and, oddly, Smeagol), so I
> thought they were excellent films. On the other hand, the films derived
> from Anne Rice's 'Vampire Chronicles' books (of which there won't be any
> more because she just died) weren't very good because the characters, and
> other visual aspects of the films were wildly different to my imagined
> versions.
> Ben
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