[ExI] The Future Is Going to Be Extremely Lonely

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Tue Dec 14 17:17:17 UTC 2021

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> I read a scifi book many years ago in which no one ever met another person, except by video.  Asimov, maybe?  Can't remember.  Is this the way we are moving?  Subtle smells of a person become irrelevant, as does some body language.  I dated a beautiful blonde, but only once.  She just didn't have the right smell.  Her breath wasn't bad but it wasn't 'right' either.   Will we stay home and never go out to eat or buy groceries or clothes and miss out on meeting people we would never meet online?   bill w
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Maybe 'The Naked Sun' novel by Isaac Asimov.  Murder mystery made
tricky by people never meeting in person.


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