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Thu Dec 16 16:46:26 UTC 2021


Hey cool, I discovered something yesterday which might help my co-proles


Went for my second vaccine, J&J, first dose in June, second one yesterday.
Started feeling crummy, my bride and I went to a meeting in separate
chariots in case I couldn't go the dist, called it a day after about 15
minutes, came home, went to bed, flu-like symptoms, ick.


With one addition: bad foot and leg cramps.  It was not necessarily related
to the vaccine, for I get those foot and leg cramps occasionally, so I get
up and walk them out, takes only a minute or two.  Usually not more than two
or three in any night.  Last night was particularly bad and repeated.  I was
up to about 6 episodes, so it was keeping me from sleeping.  Then I had an
idea: I never get that malady when I have shoes on.  I can get them while in
the house shoeless, but not with shoes, so I went to the closet where I have
a pair never worn, put those on, got back in bad, cramps stopped, cool!
Went to sleep.


Couple hours later, my bride came to bed, woke me when she discovered shoes
on the ends of my pajamaed legs.  Alarmed at my sudden apparent insanity,
she inquired, at which time I explained my new and possibly useful
discovery.  It could be a cheerful coincidence of course, but now that pair
of clean shoes will be stationed next to my bed.





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