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>> I am watching carefully for confirmation bias, which is a good
explanation for the shoe business.  In many cases, there is exactly one
episode in the night, so anything we do risks causing confirmation bias.
Good chance the shoe cure is only that, because walking out a night cramp
works, and I only have shoes on when I would be walking.
> spike
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>...Have you heard about the man who wore shoes in bed to keep elephants
When it was pointed out that there aren't any elephants around here, he
replied "See- it works!".
(Sorry - very old joke).  :)  BillK


Hey, it works.

I have at least an arm-waving explanation for why the shoe cure might have

Any pressure, even light pressure, on the toes at night can trigger the
cramps because the feet do not completely relax in the configuration in
which I always sleep: toes pointed up.

Because of the vaccine, I was running a fever, so I really loaded up the
blankets, four of them, and one is heavy so the additional weight was
noticeable.  The shoes would support the weight, allowing the feet to relax.

I still can't imagine what the soap would do.


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