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Nobody has any explanation for the soap, but thousands have written in
about it.  Direct application of the soap to the leg doesn't work.  I think
maybe that it is fumes coming out of the soap and concentrating under the
covers.  Just a guess.  If I forget it I get cramps sometimes; get out of
bed, find the soap, put it in place, and bingo no cramps.  Who knows?
bill w

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> >> I am watching carefully for confirmation bias, which is a good
> explanation for the shoe business.  In many cases, there is exactly one
> episode in the night, so anything we do risks causing confirmation bias.
> Good chance the shoe cure is only that, because walking out a night cramp
> works, and I only have shoes on when I would be walking.
> >
> > spike
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> >...Have you heard about the man who wore shoes in bed to keep elephants
> away?
> When it was pointed out that there aren't any elephants around here, he
> replied "See- it works!".
> (Sorry - very old joke).  :)  BillK
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> Hey, it works.
> I have at least an arm-waving explanation for why the shoe cure might have
> worked.
> Any pressure, even light pressure, on the toes at night can trigger the
> cramps because the feet do not completely relax in the configuration in
> which I always sleep: toes pointed up.
> Because of the vaccine, I was running a fever, so I really loaded up the
> blankets, four of them, and one is heavy so the additional weight was
> noticeable.  The shoes would support the weight, allowing the feet to
> relax.
> I still can't imagine what the soap would do.
> spike
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