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>…Nobody has any explanation for the soap, but thousands have written in about it.  Direct application of the soap to the leg doesn't work.  I think maybe that it is fumes coming out of the soap and concentrating under the covers.  Just a guess.  If I forget it I get cramps sometimes; get out of bed, find the soap, put it in place, and bingo no cramps.  Who knows?    bill w



Ah but professor, that assumes a type of soap which emits fumes. 


Here’s a way to determine: find out what those fumes are, then see if it can be found in another product, see if that works similarly to the soap.  Or… get a bar of unscented soap, try that.  Or… get a bar of soap and another ellipsoid mass of the same size and weight but made of inert material, put each inside a sock, put the socks near your bed.  Next time you get up with cramps, choose one randomly, record the next day to see if it helped the cramps.  It could be that getting up to get the soap is what stopped the problem.  The test I described wouldn’t work for me, because I seldom have more than one episode in an evening.


Regarding the shoe business, consider this possible explanation.  If it somehow triggers foot cramps to have the toes… cramped (or bent inward) we can ask why doesn’t it cause foot cramps to wear shoes which are too short?  Possible answer: those would bend the toes, but once bent, the toes fit.  The shoes do not keep pressing.


What if a prole gets feverish, piles on the blankets, the weight cramps the toes, but after the toes are bent, the weight of the blanket is still the same as before, still pressing down just as much, unlike the undersized shoes which don’t keep pressing, since they are a fixed size.


If that line of reasoning is correct, then wearing shoes to bed supports the weight of heavy blankets, allowing the toes to relax, relieving foot cramping.


Billw, that theory is growing on me.



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