[ExI] Thomas Seyfried and the Warburg Effect

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> This is an hour long lecture by Dr. Thomas Seyfried PhD. who is a
> something of a maverick in cancer research. But he is an engaging and
> compelling speaker with loads of data, so his lecture goes by fast. In
> 1931, Otto Warburg discovered cancer cells can only be fueled by
> glucose metabolism and are unable to derive energy from the electron
> transport chain and oxidative phosphorylation. So almost a century
> later, why is the war against cancer still not incorporating his
> Nobel-level research into cancer treatments? He is absolutely right
> about the dogmatism of cancer being a genetic disease. It got hammered
> into me at when I was doing biomedical research at UCLA. Seyfried
> makes a compelling case that cancer is instead a metabolic disease of
> mitochondria. His approach uses the Warburg effect as an Achilles's
> heel to kill cancer with diet. Very practical stuff. Rafal would
> appreciate this so I hope he is lurking.

### Our company did a lot of research on mitochondrial-targeted cancer
treatments and some of our leads are very promising. The company is now
focused on human trials for a treatment for fatty liver disease but once
the trials are finished we will try to advance the mitochondrial cancer
drugs as well.

This said, cancer *is* a genetic disease. The suppression of mitochondrial
activity in cancer cells is caused by some commonly mutated oncogenes, it
is not the primary cause of cancer but rather a part of the progression of
cancerogenesis that rather reliably occurs because it shuts down apoptosis
and thus protects cancer cells from this self-destruct mechanism.

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