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>>…Billw, the reason this is important is that if covid was created in a lab, it demonstrates to the rest of the world that it can be done…



>…I'll bet that lab people all over are proceeding on the assumption that it can be done.  At this point isn't it likely that we will never find out?


bill w



At this point we pretty much already did find out.  As the lab-leak theory gains general acceptance, I notice the Chinese aren’t working too hard to debunk it anymore.  They never did move to stop the markets from selling bat-soup, for they likely knew that wasn’t how this thing started.

War technology moves quickly during war time.  For the past 50 years, the focus of human technology has been in making electronics faster, lower power use, smaller, lighter, cheaper.  Now we are near the end of that development phase as our circuit elements approach atomic limits.  Now we can see the place to be in high-tech is in bio-engineering, which includes biological warfare, just as electronics includes electronic warfare.

We went down the wrong road to start with after covid showed up.  Assuming it was natural origin, resources were squandered searching for a natural host, which was never found (surprise!) as China stonewalled the world.  The countermeasures against a natural virus differ from those most effective against an engineered bio-weapon or even an accidental leak of a peaceful research project.  It matters how this virus came to be.


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