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> At this point, why do we care?  Labs all over, including ours, no doubt,
> are making all kinds of things, likely much worse,  and accidents will
> happen.  Lab people are human.  Does anyone think that China knowingly
> released this virus?  Then it's an issue.  If not, then not.

### You are channeling Ms Clinton commenting on the deaths of the American
soldiers she sacrificed in Benghazi," ‘What difference, at this point, does
it make?'

Wrongdoing matters in ways that differ from mere happenstance. Failure to
punish emboldens wrongdoers, both the original ones, and the onlookers.

The aptly named PLA (People's Liberation Army, the organization in charge
of keeping the Chinese people unfree) openly runs a research program to
develop ethnically targeted bioweapons. I watched a video by the intrepid
laowhy86 where he shows screenshots from official PLA publications which
describe the plan to collect genomic information about the Han and about
all other ethnicities, and then develop bioweapons that spare the Han and
slaughter the rest of us. This is not a conspiracy theory. It's not an
accident that the Chicoms banned the export of genomic information about
the Han while avidly collecting the genomes of everybody else.

Recently I heard one titillating tidbit of information - the Chinese
government just banned the sale of used lab animals to the public.
Apparently some enterprising lab administrators were selling used dogs and
other animals (maybe even bats?) for human consumption, as a little
sideline business to supplement their incomes. What a country!

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