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> The aptly named PLA (People's Liberation Army, the organization in charge
> of keeping the Chinese people unfree) openly runs a research program to
> develop ethnically targeted bioweapons. I watched a video by the intrepid
> laowhy86 where he shows screenshots from official PLA publications which
> describe the plan to collect genomic information about the Han and about
> all other ethnicities, and then develop bioweapons that spare the Han and
> slaughter the rest of us. This is not a conspiracy theory. It's not an
> accident that the Chicoms banned the export of genomic information about
> the Han while avidly collecting the genomes of everybody else.

I am reminded once again of the story I once wrote, that started when some
group tried creating ethnically targeted bioweapons but they got released
without the targeting, resulting in the extinction of the entire human race
save the substantial minority who were able to evacuate to lunar colonies.
That chapter of the story was titled, "Oops".
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