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Surely color blind people (basically use 2 primary colorness qualities to
represent visual knowledge) and normal trichromats (basically 3 primary
colorness qualities) are going to at least want to upgraded what they
represent their visual world with 4 primary colorness qualities, like the
rare tetrachromats do.  To say nothing of likely being able to
discover primary colors no human has ever experienced before, and mapping
even more of the visual spectrum into maybe 10 or more colorness
qualities.  To say nothing of representing information other than visual

Would you guys always want to use the same colorness  pallet to represent
everything with, or would you ever want to change things up a bit?

I, for one, as a plain old trichromat, can't wait to find out what that 4th
primary color is like tetrochromats can experience, to say nothing of
discovering and finding out what other colorness qualities exist in this

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>> To my mind, "uploading" implies a continuity of identity. I don't just
>> want to die while watching another separate mind that has my memories and
>> personality live forever in a computer. /I/ want to live forever in a
>> computer.
> It's the difference between making a copy and destroying the original, as
> per the Star Trek teleporter, or making a copy and preserving the original,
> as per the Star Trek teleporter when it malfunctions. In the former case,
> you will have continuity of identity with the copy, while in the latter,
> you have a 50% chance of having continuity with the copy or the original.
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