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> Surely color blind people (basically use 2 primary colorness qualities to
> represent visual knowledge) and normal trichromats (basically 3 primary
> colorness qualities) are going to at least want to upgraded what they
> represent their visual world with 4 primary colorness qualities, like the
> rare tetrachromats do.  To say nothing of likely being able to
> discover primary colors no human has ever experienced before, and mapping
> even more of the visual spectrum into maybe 10 or more colorness
> qualities.  To say nothing of representing information other than visual
> information.
> Would you guys always want to use the same colorness  pallet to represent
> everything with, or would you ever want to change things up a bit?
> I, for one, as a plain old trichromat, can't wait to find out what that
> 4th primary color is like tetrochromats can experience, to say nothing of
> discovering and finding out what other colorness qualities exist in this
> world..

Have you seen this:

I am colorblind.  It's not digital, there is simply a reduced number of
detectors for red.  You've forced me to overthink redness for years. :)

I would hope to bypass the simulation of light and color and ineffable
redness... to just read the object's properties directly from the metadata
information. Partly this is informed by my understanding as a programmer.

Life in a metaverse may at first be semi-recognizable in the way first
"pages" on the internet were similar to newspaper or journal articles...
but i suspect we'll quickly abandon internet-informed modalities as we gain
comfort with not-yet-invented UX conventions.

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