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> Just for the record:  I support Hillary in no way shape or form, and
> Rafal's intimations that I do hint of ad hominem arguments, which coming
> from a man of intelligence, is surprising.

### I do not hint you are supporting Hillary, it's just your statement
sounded incredibly similar to what she said, although of course in a
somewhat different context.


> I hate every authoritarian government, but the fact is that we have
> massive economic interactions with China and we have to work with who's in
> charge.

### There are many shades of gray when it comes to working with someone,
even if workplace violence is excluded as an option... some of them involve
stubborn resistance, stonewalling, undermining and giving very bad reviews.
I'd rather pay more for tchotchkes and support punitive trade restrictions,
embargoes, and other sanctions, if that's what's needed to bring the Chicom
low and give the Chinese people a fighting chance against the regime that's
feeding on their blood.

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