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I am for anything that works with recalcitrant people, friends or enemies.
I just want some data on what is effective and I suspect there isn't any.
Sanctions will just bring opposing sanctions and hurt nor help anyone.
Nagging by human rights organizations has been going on a long time and
just results in being told to stay out of internal affairs.

What works?  That's what I want to know.  I suspect that any concessions
are made behind closed doors with promises never to reveal such.

bill w

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>> Just for the record:  I support Hillary in no way shape or form, and
>> Rafal's intimations that I do hint of ad hominem arguments, which coming
>> from a man of intelligence, is surprising.
> ### I do not hint you are supporting Hillary, it's just your statement
> sounded incredibly similar to what she said, although of course in a
> somewhat different context.
>  ----------------
>> I hate every authoritarian government, but the fact is that we have
>> massive economic interactions with China and we have to work with who's in
>> charge.
> ### There are many shades of gray when it comes to working with someone,
> even if workplace violence is excluded as an option... some of them involve
> stubborn resistance, stonewalling, undermining and giving very bad reviews.
> I'd rather pay more for tchotchkes and support punitive trade restrictions,
> embargoes, and other sanctions, if that's what's needed to bring the Chicom
> low and give the Chinese people a fighting chance against the regime that's
> feeding on their blood.
> Rafal
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