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Stuart LaForge avant at sollegro.com
Tue Dec 21 18:03:26 UTC 2021

Quoting Rafal Smigrodzki:

> ----------------
>> I hate every authoritarian government, but the fact is that we have
>> massive economic interactions with China and we have to work with who's in
>> charge.
> ### There are many shades of gray when it comes to working with someone,
> even if workplace violence is excluded as an option... some of them involve
> stubborn resistance, stonewalling, undermining and giving very bad reviews.

No bad reviews allowed. At least not on Amazon...


----------begin excerpt------------------
"Amazon quietly removed criticism of President Xi’s books by scrubbing  
bad reviews, ratings and comments from its Chinese site, it has emerged.

The US retail giant agreed to Beijing’s demand to have anything below  
a five-star review of Xi Jinping’s book The Governance of China  
removed from Amazon.cn about two years ago, Reuters reported, citing  
two unidentified sources.
The move is the latest example of western tech companies willing to  
work with Chinese censors for access to the country’s massive consumer  

A search of Xi Jinping returned 82 results on Amazon.cn, and the vast  
majority of books either written by or written about the president had  
the ratings and comments disabled."
----------end excerpt--------------

This clown reminds me of the Roman Emperor Nero who thought he was the  
world's greatest performance artist and demanded that everyone applaud  
his musical or acting performances. He once proclaimed a week of games  
that included art contests in poetry, oration, and music. He then  
entered the contest himself, and awarded himself first prize in all  
three events.

> I'd rather pay more for tchotchkes and support punitive trade restrictions,
> embargoes, and other sanctions, if that's what's needed to bring the Chicom
> low and give the Chinese people a fighting chance against the regime that's
> feeding on their blood.

Even without deliberate sanctions, China's export model is heavily  
reliant on cheap fossil fuels and rampant environmental pollution. It  
will be interesting to see how future fuel prices stack up against the  
price of U.S. labor and automation. It is a shame that Greta Thunberg  
cannot safely scold the CCP's dirty coal burning the way she does  
western governments for lesser offenses.

Stuart LaForge

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