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>> But there is a problem because if there are multiple copies they are not
> telepathically linked. Each copy feels itself to be the unique continuation
> of the original, because that is how our psychology has evolved. This is
> the case even if each copy knows, logically, that all the other copies have
> equal claim to be the continuation of the original.

### Absolutely. Our intuitive sense of self evolved in the context of
uploading not being available and when considering uploading it throws up
alerts that don't make sense once looked at rationally. The context under
which the sense of self evolved will soon no longer be valid. It's very
similar to our appetite for sugar that evolved under food scarcity but
today brings a lot of grief to people living among plenty.

This is a good reason to reach deep down into your mind with the cold
scalpel of reason and excise feelings that are counterproductive. I did and
my feelings about upload copying are thoroughly modernized now. If I had
multiple copies of me made, each copy would treat the other as self in
almost all situations, up to and including being willing to die to protect
other copies. Like a band of brothers, but more so.

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