[ExI] covid or cold?

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>…I keep hearing that the omicron variant looks and acts like a common cold.  If so, this is exactly what was predicted: eventually a killer-flu mutates into something more contagious and more benign.  What we still don’t know is if one brand of covid protects the catcher from the other brands.  If it does, then omicron is the end of this tragic nightmare.


### There is immunological cross-reactivity between various Covid variants, so an infection provides some protection against reinfection by multiple other variants. However, the tragic nightmare is a godsend to poseurs and power-grabbers, so I wouldn't be too optimistic that a mere lack of lethality will end it ;(





On the contrary Rafal, it is becoming more apparent all the time that the power-grabbers are now grasping at straws.  They are bringing on enormously-damaging lockdowns and harming commerce in order to protect us from… a cold.  This is exposing power-grabbers for what they are and what they were all along.



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