[ExI] covid or cold?

John Klos john at ziaspace.com
Fri Dec 24 21:17:35 UTC 2021

> For me personally it's far far less than 1% (I'm 29 and healthy,) for 
> young healthy people it's more likely they die of a car accident or drug 
> overdose.

But you know how silly it is to make this comparison. People die in car 
accidents, sure, but the likelihood is not based on being in a car once, 
twice, or a dozen times - it's based on years or decades of car use. 
Likewise, people aren't going to die of a drug overdose if they're not 
doing drugs.

Also, it certainly involves more than just dying. I would not want to go 
through life with substantially reduced breathing capacity, or reduced 
sense of smell and taste, or any of the other long term Covid related 

> Also, why does nobody in the mainstream ever talk about obesity with 
> this? Pretty much every young person you see dying from this is obese. 
> Yet of course we have this medically dubious "healthy at every size" 
> movement that makes people feel good mentally at the expense of their 
> physical health. People have no issue criticizing drug addicts but 
> criticizing food addition is a no-no, apparently.  Losing weight 
> probably increases chances of survival more than a vax does

I'd need to see data to believe this. Do you have links?

And anyone who even hints that losing weight would do more good than a 
vaccine shouldn't be taken seriously. It's about as useful as suggesting 
that people who lose weight are less likely to die in a shooting because 
there's less to shoot at. You're not wrong, but the amount of right you 
are is miniscule.

What's the agenda here? Are you actively advocating against vaccines? Your 
dismissiveness of their efficacy suggests this, but you don't outright say 


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