[ExI] UN worried about police brutality against protestors

John Klos john at ziaspace.com
Sat Dec 25 04:22:56 UTC 2021

Apologies - I might've just replied to Rafal at the end of what was 
otherwise a reply to Darin.

> ### I made a very specific argument about lockdowns and I showed the
> analogies you used on that subject were unsound. I demonstrated that people
> venturing out in a lockdown are not "selfish polluters" and "criminally"
> stupid.

I think there's a misunderstanding here. I'm not talking about a problem 
with everyone going out in to public - I have a problem with people who 
are unvaccinated and anti-mask going out in to public. I am not for 
lockdowns and simply wish everyone would participate enough that they 
wouldn't be necessary.

Your quoting is a bit odd, so it makes it hard to easily tell what's 
quoted and what's new, so I'll have to re-read everything with this 
misunderstanding in mind.

> Your response above never acknowledges my point. You do not concede the
> point (as a gracious debater would). You don't refute my logic. Instead you
> write about vaccinations and masking, and "public good", and the kitchen
> sink, and pour on the moralizing, anything but to address the specific
> point about lockdowns I made. TL:DR

Your point about lockdowns may be different, now that I've clarified.


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