[ExI] UN worried about police brutality against protestors

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> Apologies - I might've just replied to Rafal at the end of what was
> otherwise a reply to Darin.

### Apologies accepted. Misunderstandings happen.

> > ### I made a very specific argument about lockdowns and I showed the
> > analogies you used on that subject were unsound. I demonstrated that
> people
> > venturing out in a lockdown are not "selfish polluters" and "criminally"
> > stupid.
> I think there's a misunderstanding here. I'm not talking about a problem
> with everyone going out in to public - I have a problem with people who
> are unvaccinated and anti-mask going out in to public.

### OK. I am reading "Viral", a fascinating book about the origin of the
Wuhan virus, written by the inestimable science writer and thinker Matt
Ridley and the published virologist Alina Chan. There is a lot of
information there including some very thought-provoking descriptions of
"attendant-borne illness" and its evolution. I'll post on the list
specifically about masking later when I am done with the book but in the
meantime let me repost something I wrote as comment on Scott Alexander's
new blog:

 I will freely admit that being forced to wear a mask makes me extremely
angry, to the point of becoming an obstreperous and loudly arguing lout,
which is not my usual manner.

Once while on call at the hospital I heard a young child loudly screaming
as his parents were physically forcing a mask on his face, while also
loudly screaming at him "You will wear a mask!!!". At that time there was
no requirement for small children to be masked, so maybe I could have
intervened, but then, it's not my job. I felt sorrow at the suffering and
anger. I got angry. I walked away.

They said they will have me marked down on the no-fly-list if I don't
immediately obey and put the piece of trash they gave me on my face. I was
angry but couldn't walk away. I obeyed.

I saw pictures of Fauci wearing a mask while pitching a baseball, in the
middle of the field where no viral transmission takes place but immediately
taking it off while hanging out with friends. I read his leaked email where
he wrote that masks were useless but then I kept hearing about my duty to
"save others" by wearing them. Did I mention I get angry a lot when masks
are mentioned?

A tiny harm to self looms larger than large harms to others. I was never
locked down. I worked 359 nights last year. The loss and suffering that
lockdowns inflicted on others never affected me. I signed up for the
vaccine on the first date it was offered at the hospital, so a vaccine
mandate never affected me either. But every time I see a patient, I feel
like a clown because I am wearing a mask, and that hurts me, every day,
many times. The anger builds.

I am not into BDSM. If I were bound and masked, I would feel anger, because
being bound and masked is dehumanizing and humiliating. So, no, I am not
into BDSM.

Last week I stormed out of a restaurant, angry, when they demanded I put on
a mask while walking away from my table, because they had to "protect other
people" (who were busily expelling millions of aerosol droplets while
masticating and talking), from my filthy, unmasked presence.

Yeah, I do get angry about masks.
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