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> Whatever company that packaged the medication included a folded up blank
> sheet of paper with the helpful comment “This page is intentionally
> blank.”  OK then.  Why did they put that blank sheet in there?

Most likely they included the note so people would know that they aren't
providing the usual information. If they just leave it out, they'll
probably get calls from users wondering if their package failed to get the
disclosure. Or maybe the FDA requires it, even when the information isn't
available when a drug is released by emergency authorization. Seems like it
could have been informative about why it was "blank" and why it was

I have thought this thru and decided that the vaccine is right, the
> mandates are wrong.

Vaccines aren't right or wrong: they're tools that are sometimes helpful,
sometimes have harmful side effects, etc. Mandates are tools, too. They
have their pluses and minuses. (I don't understand why anyone would refuse
to wear a mask in public, though.)

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