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>…Hi Mike, ja, I am not ridiculing the hapless pharmacist, and I do take position at the table: I am in favor of the vaccine and oppose compelling others to take it.



I had some further thoughts after I viewed that video again.  Note that with the commentary below, I am not entering the vaccine debate.  My position on that is very clear and stated above.  I have no interest in influencing others.  Let each be convinced in her own mind.  Below is offered as food for thought on this joyous occasion of a successful launch of the Webb.


During my cheerfully squandered young adulthood, I worked in a lab where we were developing commercial electronic circuitry for space applications, such as the common i486 processor.  The OSHA rules and even stricter Cal-OSHA required us to have an MSDS for every substance used in that lab, Material Safety Data Sheet = MSDS.  If an OSHA inspector showed up, she could point to any bottle, any flask, any reagent, and the lead guy could be asked: What is that, show me the MSDS.  If any solvent, any chemical agent or anything that lab were to be accidentally ingested, we had to be ready to tell the toxicologist what the silly goofball ate, and what the MSDS says, etc, so we double filed everything under both the name of the stuff and the MSDS number.  We followed the rules carefully and were never gigged in the two years I was there, suffered no injuries or serious fatalities the whole time.


Pharmacology is like that, only stricter, because the stuff in that field is intended to be ingested or injected, but if you give some hapless prole the wrong stuff or even too much of the right stuff, it might be adios amigo, and even if she survives, it might be adios license or adios freedom, Mister Gower.  The pharmacologists are required to have something analogous to an MSDS too, only theirs is even stricter.  Good thing.  Because of that, pharmacy drug accidents are very rare.


Any time you get a new medication, any good pharmacist will offer to explain in detail what it is, what it does, likely or possible side effects, what’s the best orifice to poke it into, that sorta thing.  In the package is a big foldout sheet explaining what tests were done to prove it safe, what placebo studies were offered, all the ways this medication might harm or kill you if you aren’t lucky, etc.  Nobody ever reads it of course, but ya might aughta try sometime.  I did.  I don’t like taking things.


Consider that video where the package had a big blank foldout sheet which said “This page is intentionally blank.”  Apparently (from his reaction) the pharmacist wasn’t even aware the safety sheet that came with the vaccine was blank.  It looked to me like he was surprised, dismayed, appalled, poor lad.  I am not blaming him, even though he is responsible for folding out and reading that material.  


Whatever company that packaged the medication included a folded up blank sheet of paper with the helpful comment “This page is intentionally blank.”  OK then.  Why did they put that blank sheet in there?  Was it to give patients and pharmacists a sense of security?  Was it because a pharmacist would not dispense any medication without that customary sheet?


Consider that guy in the video, sheesh.  I get the vague feeling he wasn’t aware they gave him a medication with no MSDS and ordered him to dispense it.  He had no personal liability, but now he knows whoever supplied it also has no corporate liability for what it might do.  There were no warnings, no list of possible side effects, no prohibition for pregnant women, nothing but a big blank sheet of paper which must have felt to him like a decoy or something.  When he discovered that, he might have been thinking along the lines of: I’m really trying to do the right thing here, but this is just wrong.  We always tell patients that every medication has a risk model and a proof of efficacy model.  They sent me a blank MSDS.  We just don’t do medicine this damn way.  This is wrong.


I have thought this thru and decided that the vaccine is right, the mandates are wrong.







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