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Note I am not weighing in on the vaccine debate, just offering a bit of dark







>…As one who also normally uses humor as a coping mechanism,  I feel the issue is either too important to those involved to snipe jokes or conversely too unimportant to take a seat at the table…


Hi Mike, ja, I am not ridiculing the hapless pharmacist, and I do take position at the table: I am in favor of the vaccine and oppose compelling others to take it.  That isn’t contradictory, isn’t sitting on the table or under it, it’s a position.  Read on please.




Do view it with the proper sense of humor. 


>…Even with the disclaimer,  I mostly felt bad for the guy…


Me too.  His attempted commentary seemed to tell all: he realized what he was doing there went against everything he ever learned in pharmacy school.  He was promoting a vaccine which probably is good but damn well does have unknown risks.  There wasn’t time to test everything because it would have taken years we didn’t have.  So the medical industry downplayed the long term risks, understated or didn’t state for an ambiguously justifiable reason: to gently compel the public to get the vaccine.


However… the mandates hit everyone, including those who have already caught and recovered, along with the young whose risk from covid is low and have a lot of life ahead to suffer possible long-term consequences, it hits the stay-at-homes afraid to go outdoors, such as my neighbor who hasn’t left her home in a year and a half except to get the vaccine four times.  It hits those with known bad reactions to vaccines, but this one category especially: pregnant women.  The pharmaceutical industry just abandons that class of people and states it right up front: not enough data, not enough known to be worth studying it, sorry preggers, you just hafta suffer.  OK then, where is the mandate exception for them please?


I had to feel sorry for the poor pharmacist.  It looks to me like a guy who is told to say one thing for his job but he doesn’t really believe it in his heart.  Pharmacists and doctors know that all medications carry risk.  In my opinion the benefits outweigh the risk in this case.  Over the past year the picture has shifted.  Now they say we need to take these things periodically, which increases the risk and decreases the benefit.  OK then we must stop with the mandates everywhere.  Let each decide.







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