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So now… we still don’t have testing done under controlled conditions with systematic data collection, which is why after all this time the big picture is still muddled and chaotic, with pharmaceutical companies and politicians cheerfully wielding power without reasoning or accountability.



>…What do you imagine more thorough earlier testing in a few thousand subjects would have shown that is not evident by observing the effect of almost 9 billion doses of vaccines given in 184 different countries? -- Stathis Papaioannou



Stathis for starters, we would have known perhaps that the vaccine’s benefit is short term.  When I took the first shot, we were being told this was one and done, like tetanus or measles.  That has changed dramatically.  Had it been known before, it would have influenced a lot of decisions on whether to take the vaccine to start with.  Many took this the first time based on misinformation.  


Now we learn that the risk model is speculative as well, and no one is accountable if things go badly.  Yet plenty of governments charge ahead with mandates.  The US government would jump on that mandate bandwagon if it had the authority to do it.  We do get a side benefit: it serves as a reminder to make double sure the government doesn’t get special authority based on public health emergencies.



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