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> I will make a confident prediction: for years to come, we will be seeing
> people blaming the covid vaccine for any childhood maladies and the usual
> general weirdness of children born to mothers compelled to take this
> vaccine against their will.

Wow, who's doing forced vaccinations?

> For a large segment of the population, the vaccine will be blamed for
> everything that goes wrong medically, especially that goes wrong with
> children born after the mother was pressured to take these vaccines.

Of course. So what? It's natural to blame something new for issues that
arise around the same time. Sometimes it's coincidence, sometimes there's a
cause/effect relationship.

My wife got eye flashes in one eye last spring. Eye doctor said they'd
probably go away in a couple of months, but they haven't. Recently she got
them in the other eye. She realized that the first coincided with her
second Moderna dose and the second with her booster. I googled and there is
a possibility that the vaccine caused it:


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