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It doesn’t reduce to the percent chance of dying or the percent chance of going to the hospital.  spike      ???  I thought vaccines prevented the infection or lessened the symptoms if the person was exposed.  Are these wrong?   bill w





We are told that it reduces risk regardless, but consider another model.  We know that the elderly benefit a lot from these vaccines.  I don’t think anyone will dispute that.  Now start working downward.  As you go down the age spectrum, the risk of dying while unvaccinated drops dramatically, while unknown risk goes up, since the young have more life ahead.  For reasons I don’t understand, the young seem to be more susceptible to a side effect of myocarditis.  


For the very young, infants for instance, the medical community is not suggesting these vaccines are a good idea.


OK then, good deal for the old, bad deal for the young.  So… where is the crossover point?  At what age is the risk for taking the vaccine a breakeven for the risk of not?  Do estimate that age, first for the average person.


OK then.  We have seen a few fatal cases in teenagers, but in every case, there are circumstances, most commonly the patient was grossly obese or were diabetic, or both.  OK then, no problem, for the obese and diabetic, move that breakeven age lower.


What’s the opposite?  Perfectly healthy, athletic, trim.  For that tragically dwindling class of people, move the breakeven age older.


Break out those who have already had covid and survived (meeeeeee!) into a group, move the age higher (ja?)  Break out a group who never leave their home (my neighbor) and raise the age for them.  Break out pregnant women and serious consider just telling them no, because introducing mRNA has a lotta possible influences on a developing fetuses, and even if it does nothing, if the baby has health problems, are we sure that didn’t contribute?  


What about those with auto-immune diseases up the kazoo?  Do we raise the age for them?  How much?  And those with known bad reactions to vaccines, raise the age how much?  What about those who fly aaaaallll the daaaaam tiiiiimmmme as I useta hafta do for my career, the estimated breakeven age is lower for that crowd, ja?


What about students?  They are around a lotta people at school, but there aren’t a lot of cases there, so I don’t know on that one.  What about those who get a lot of sunshine (that seems to have an effect for some reason.)


My point: it doesn’t all reduce down to one number.  Every case is different.


Billw the decision is easy for you and me.  For us it is a go, easily predictable benefit, low-ish down side that I can see.  For my 15 yr old perfectly healthy son, it isn’t clear which side of the line he is on, but I think he is below the breakeven age. 





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