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> I will make a confident prediction: for years to come, we will be seeing
> people blaming the covid vaccine for any childhood maladies and the usual
> general weirdness of children born to mothers compelled to take this
> vaccine against their will.
> >…Wow, who's doing forced vaccinations?
> Many companies threatened to fire unvaccinated employees citing OSHA
> rules.  The court stopped OSHA, but plenty of employees took the vaccine to
> save their jobs in the meantime.

I consider that voluntary. Nobody has a right to bring a contagious disease
to their workplace.

> The military discharged some for refusing.

The military has a long history of mandatory vaccinations. The military is
also completely voluntary. Those who don't like that should look elsewhere.

There were plenty of people who felt pressured and wouldn’t have taken the
> vaccine without the pressure from employers and schools.  That vaccine
> passport business is a huge error in judgement, considering that one isn’t
> required to present ID in order to get the vaccine, which creates a black
> market in the vaccine passport cards.

The cards are a joke. That's a failure of government and leadership, but
only the latest in a very long series.

> For a large segment of the population, the vaccine will be blamed for
> everything that goes wrong medically, especially that goes wrong with
> children born after the mother was pressured to take these vaccines.
> >…Of course. So what? It's natural to blame something new for issues that
> arise around the same time. Sometimes it's coincidence, sometimes there's a
> cause/effect relationship…
> This can lead to a general distrust of vaccines, including the ones we
> have had for a long time, which we know are relatively safe and necessary.

Like worrying about unwarranted distrust of voting systems, worrying about
what people might worry about next is a waste of time and effort. No amount
of openness and testing and freedom and ... will make all worries go away.

Owww dang sorry to hear it Dave.  May she recover fully and quickly.

Thanks. She knew the risks and doesn't regret the decision.

> If we pretend any new Rx is without risk we fool ourselves.

I couldn't agree more.

> Stand by however, for what happens in Florida in the next coupla weeks may
> cause all of this to go away.  If it turns out that omicron is mild and
> confers natural immunity to the other variants, it might be our best bet to
> go ahead and catch the damn stuff, hang out with an omicron patient.

Have you been to FL recently? I have. You can't go anywhere without a mask.

> Hell that could spawn a new micro-industry: hire a pleasant young
> omicroner to hang out with you for an hour.  Nothing improper you
> understand, just visit and transmit, catch under controlled conditions,
> recover, go about your business.  An ailing species heals.

Robin Hanson was arguing for deliberate exposure of volunteers to covid in
the early days. It sounded like a good idea at the time, but given the long
term respiratory and neurological effects covid can have, I think it would
have been a bad idea. As you say, it's not just about death. If omicron
doesn't cause the neuro/respiratory effects and confers immunity, that
might be worth investigating.

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