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The South Africans are claiming that having omicron is about 75% natural
immunity for delta.  It's not exactly the predicted messiah virus, but OK
then, we will take what we can get.


The notion (as I understand it) is that a milder virus spreads better
because people with it are more likely to try to power thru and stay on the
job, spreading it to more healthy people.  That makes sense, but it occurred
to me that the vaccine is known to make a breakthru case less severe.  This
means the vaccinated are more likely (if they catch delta) to power thru,
stay on the job, infect the unvaccinated.


We have been told that the unvaccinated are a big risk to healthy people,
but by that reasoning above suggests it is just the opposite: the vaccinated
are more dangerous to healthy people than the unvaccinated.



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