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>>…We have been told that the unvaccinated are a big risk to healthy people, but by that reasoning above suggests it is just the opposite: the vaccinated are more dangerous to healthy people than the unvaccinated.


>…Let’s say what you say is true. And, further, let’s say you adopt the view that there should not be any mandates or even (as in Florida, I believe) that private employers shouldn’t be allowed to require vaccination. Wouldn’t you say the wisest course would be to then both get vaccinated and advise everyone else to get vaccinated as well?...


Partly right.  The best course is to get vaccinated if one is in one or more of the higher risk categories: older than about… 30, higher contact with the proletariat, diabetic, the known stuff.  Advise others: if they are in one or more of the higher risk categories, ja.  Otherwise nein.



>…(My fear would be, too, for the unvaccinated what I’ve seen in my working life: people staying on the job, coughing and sneezing and slobbering whole sick….


Ja.  The vaccinated who are strong vaccine believers might stay on the job longer, assuming what they have is a cold.  Omicron is difficult to distinguish from a cold, but the vaccine is mostly irrelevant for omicron anyway because it apparently doesn’t stop it.


We don’t have the Florida fatality data yet, so we still can’t say.  Good chance we will know more soon.





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