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>…Is that a lack of data, or "no" data as in the data is zero?





I don’t think they have updated it yet Adrian.  The way the NYT has been reporting Florida covid fatality data, it is zero on every day except Mondays and Thursdays, where it has been coming to about in the 60 to 80s usually for those days, for a weekly rolling average around 20.


They are currently showing zero for today, so I assume it means they haven’t updated yet.


The Christmas holiday has likely interfered with record keeping at a critical time.  We expected a Thanksgiving case surge, and oh mercy did we ever have that, eeesh.  Now we are hearing most of the new cases in Florida are omicron, and the South Africans say it isn’t that severe.  If they are right, then we can expect Florida’s fatality rate to decline and everywhere else on the globe along with it.


Our hopes have been dashed so many times before, with the fall of 2020 surge, the general failure to live up to they hype for the vaccines (all of them (ja I know they work some (but they weren’t the miracle we hoped for (and were told they were))))  The lockdowns generally didn’t work, or worked less than we hoped, while doing enormous economic damage.  


If omicron is that variant predicted from the start, less harmful, more contagious, results in at least moderate immunity to the other variants, then we should know pretty dang soon.



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