[ExI] covid or cold?

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> Except that a number of people really do believe that letting COVID run
> unchecked would be better for everyone - or at least, they say they do.
> That you label this as heinous behavior answers the question in your case:
> you clearly do not believe that letting COVID run unchecked would be
> better.  A lot of people (perhaps most?) believe that letting it run
> unchecked - again, as a number of other people advocate - would indeed be
> heinous.

### Unchecked, as in really not doing anything at all to deal with it?
These are few and far between. Almost everybody will agree with some or
other interventions, all the way from masked lockdown forever with monthly
booster shots administered by armed goons to only accepting voluntary
isolation of the most vulnerable people and no compulsory anything. I am in
that latter camp (i.e. do everything that makes sense as long as you don't
initiate force against others) and from reading Spike's posts it's clear he
gravitates there too, so why ask him about "unchecked" Covid?

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