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> Maybe it's time, esp. when we have fairly new members, to have a good
> old-fashioned  discussion of libertarianism.  I have some doubts and so
> does John, as he wrote the other day.  There has to be a line between
> individual rights and community rights.  No entity can own you, but if you
> don't give up some rights or some part of them to go along with a serious
> community interest that requires it, then you cannot be said to be a
> citizen of that society.  You would be ousted from many tribes over
> history.  Or worse.  What would have happened to you in WWII in London if
> you insisted on leaving your house lights on?  Get shot as a traitor might
> be likely.

### Sure, there are legitimate actions that are coordinated at community
level and may be compulsory for all community members, such as blackouts
during the Blitz. I just don't see much of anything analogous in the
pandemic situation.

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