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There's something strange about aids and high pitches.  If you don't get
the high pitches you get AM quality music and you cannot hear consonants -
people are mumbling.  But if you do, and are like me, you can't stand to
put a ceramic plate down on a ceramic counter, or use silverware with
ceramic bowls.  I now use wood utensils and wooden bowls (which don't heat
up like ceramic or glass in the microwave). I have no idea why any aid
needs weekly adjustments.  Maybe the person has my problems with painful
noise and wants it fixed.  ??   bill w

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> > Hearing aids promise to be
> > able to deal with background noise, but they can't. Lots of people waste
> a
> > lot of money on expensive aids which don't deliver the goods.  I have
> > tried
> > them.
> My father and brothers said the same thing.  Dad said he could hear the
> newspaper pages turning, but not what people said.  My brother complained
> that he was not interested in hearing the silverware being put away, and
> he still couldn't hear conversation.
> I've known *two* people who were pleased with their hearing aids. One was
> born deaf and is *thrilled* to hear anything at all, but he really can't
> understand what people say.  The other was a music teacher and director,
> and he seemed quite happy, and encouraged me to get hearing aids.  Since
> he was the first person I'd talked with who was enthusiastic, I didn't run
> out and spend the money.
> One more fellow I know with hearing aids... he's going every week or so
> for adjustments.  His wife says they don't work right.  ??  ;)
> Regards,
> MB
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